Objects of Strange Desire – Studio-workshop

OOSD ✤ Office

Rapid prototype and product development Studio-Workshop fusing new tech with traditional woodwork methods and processes
Adapting existing objects for new functions
Deigned and made in London, England
Materials: Plywood, Solidwood, Veneers, Glue, Linolium, Metal, Foam

11 Saddles     (2022)
Questioning the evolution of objects, with research into and the development of 11 Saddles and a documentary into whether the saddle has finished evolving.

Objects of Strange Desire, Solo Show       (2022)
Four day solo show in Peckham. Somethings old, somethings new and some things in between. With Duende Gallery.

Plywood Interiors (Private Client)        (2022)
Bespoke Design and Development for a private client in London. So far these have been interior furniture, cabinets, playroom fit outs, along with other structures. Ongoing.

Petal Face Chopping Boards        (2021)
Plywood walnut veneer 18mm

Petal Face Placemats       (2021)
Plywood placemats 6mm

Flower Stool        (2022)
Three Leg Flower stool, available in different woods and finishes.

Conversation Table        (2019)
Comission for UBS, Art Basel Miami 

Based in London, we design and manufacture all of our objects and projects in house, delivering and installing globally.

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