Objects of Strange Desire – Bespoke Object Studio

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Bespoke Object Design and Fabrication Studio-Workshop. Together with our clients and friends, we turn a thought into a physical object.
Specialising in bespoke furniture, objects, structures, lights & things for home, private and commercial projects. 
Deigned and made in
London, England.

Objects of Strange Desire,
Solo Exhibition    (2022)

Four day solo show in Peckham. Somethings old, somethings new and some things in between. With Duende Gallery.

Plywood Interior Structures
Private Commission   (2022)

Bespoke Design and Development for a private client in London. So far these have been interior furniture, cabinets, playroom fit outs, along with other structures. Ongoing.

Ducting Lamps      
Lighting    (2022)

Cabinet design, build and installation. For this the client wanted one interior and one exterior grade. Both units were sprayed in a bright white satin finish.

Bright White Cabinets       
Private Commission    (2022)

Cabinet design, build and installation. For this the client wanted one interior and one exterior grade. Both units were sprayed in a bright white satin finish.

Banister Furniture Series        
Furniture    (2022)

These series formed and evolved around previously fabricated banister handrail sections. 

I had started building a stool, but after getting distracted from the first design, I moved onto the second. This was when I realised the sctructure under the second would work perfectly as a backrest for the first. Bob’s your uncle – the once stool now had a backrest, so on and so on.

This is an ongoing series of experiements into reforming banister handrails into the   sctructure and form of furnitures.

Offcut Coat Hangers       
Experiments in Paint & Wood    (2023)

Transforming found, sourced, and left over offcuts into Coat, Hat, and Thing Hangers.

Flap Lamp       
Lighting   (2022)

veneer Lampshade and further experiments using similar and non similar materials. Plan is to continue to play with the same form, using different materials, and expand the structure into a family of objects from sculptures to lamps, to sofas to tables and chairs.

11 Saddles     
Project    (2022)

Questioning the evolution of objects, with research into and the development of 11 Saddles and a documentary into whether the saddle has finished evolving.

Petal Face Chopping Boards       
Product    (2021)

Plywood walnut veneer 18mm

Product    (XX)


Flower Stool       
Furniture    (2022)

Three Leg Flower stool, available in different woods and finishes.

Conversation Table       
Commercial Commission    (2019)

Comission for UBS, Art Basel Miami 

Oak Sample Ladders        (2023)
American Oak Ladders built for a commercial rug company for sample display.
Designed to flat-pack, with specially fabricated ‘caps’ for the top of each half ladder allowing for lower display and protection during transportation.

Dowel People        (2023)
Building people with offcuts around the studio

Dowel Chairs for Private Collection in Milan        (2023)
for private brand in Milan. To be exhibited early summer in Milan, Italy.

Tea Bag Modular Furniture        (2023)
 prototypes in simple modular furniture that use Dowel-Plugs for alignment and Tea Bag cushions

Based in London, we design and manufacture all of our objects and projects in house, delivering and installing globally.

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Ideas, Objects, Thoughts & Things

Charlie Boyden

Charlie is a young British designer, artist and maker working with wood and other rudimentary materials. His designs often involve manipulating a process or material, taking ideas from a combination of material and object scenarios. This feeds into the form, texture and shape of his work.

From his studio-workshop based in East London, he adapts existing objects for new functions and builds many Objects of Strange Desire – Bespoke furniture, objects, structures, & lights for home, private and commercial projects.

Below you’ll experience some of these objects, projects and ideas.
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Objects of Strange Desire – Studio-workshop ︎︎︎